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If you are not yet reading Cream & Sugar, you should be! Fashion Bloggess, Kim, recently gave us a lovely and most entertaining review, check it out below:


So, I'm not a huge online shopper because I wasn't blessed with a supermodel's body and it takes a few strikeouts in an actual dressing room to find that perfect acceptable fit. However, when I find a fashion gem, I share it with whomever (or is it whoever? whatever) is listening whether they care or not. Ya' never know when something might stick, right? Plus, I have plenty of girlfriends who are on the same fashion plight as me - wanting to dress your age with a 'hip and cool' twist AND for a good price point. Don't get me wrong, I still walk by Forever 34 (I know, it's Forever 21) and sometimes think to myself "look at that cute top. I think I can still pull that off" but then quickly come upon the Ann Taylor LOFT window and realize "oh yeah, I'm 34. Know your place, Kim!" Needless to say, I do my research and report my findings, which leads me to my newest online store that I love:

Jack & Monroe

(click and shop)

This trendy, affordable shop is owned by my good friend, Mackenzie Hensley, who I've known since my days at CMAI - my first real-life job out of college. 'Jack' is the middle name of her cute bambino, Tatum, and 'Monroe' is the middle name of her sweet princess, Addison. I love family and love the fact that she used her children as inspiration. Now, you might be saying "oh, you're just making this post because it's your friend." Well, you are wrong. Dead wrong, Madame! I am posting because I wholeheartedly believe in my friend, her customer service is top notch, and I own many pieces from her shop that I L-O-V-E. Like I said before, I don't have a supermodel body where I can throw anything on and walk out the door, however, the items I've purchased from Jack & Monroe have been great go-to pieces and wonderful additions to my wardrobe. Plus, and this is a biggie, Mackenzie is like the Nordstrom of online customer service. An added bonus: it's FREE standard shipping. That means you can spend MORE money guilt free! Can we say "accessories!"

Here are my reviews of a few items that I own so you can really see, like real-life proof, how these online pieces translate to a 'normal' bod:

The Cute 'N' Sassy Kimono (note: this is not the official product name; I just like to go rogue)
I NEVER thought a kimono would be a good fit for me. I assumed they would look like a sack. However, when I wore this hot little number to work one day, I received 4 compliments! I'm showing it with just a simple tank, jeans, and mixing patterns with my animal print wedge (rawwr!) I can also see this kimono with a slimmer sundress, maxi, or fitted crops. Also, if you are blessed with a body that can strut in a jumpsuit, A) I'm jealous and B) I think this would be a great layering piece. Also-also, you can belt it to give it more shape.
(My sweet Gracie enjoyed this selfie photo shoot so I had to include her!)

Hi Gracie!

Swirl-it-Up Maxi (credit for 'swirl it up' is given to my cousin, John Berno)
I recently threw this easy-like-a-Sunday-morning maxi on and loved every maxi-minute. It's an effortless piece for a casual look yet the print gives it a dressy feel that's perfect for a night out. The material is light enough for the brutal Houston heat but substantial enough so you don't give the whole world a show like those see-through Lulu pants (bummer, Lulu). Add a chunky necklace or long strands, some sandals or wedges, and maybe even a floppy hat and you, girlfriend, are ready for the summer. Go Swirl It Up!

The Naughty Southern Belle Baseball Tee
If you know me, you KNOW I don't play sports but guess what: you don't have to in order to wear this cute little baseball top. I love a slogan tee, especially when it's about my Southern roots and this shirt is a home run (see what I did there?). It's kitschy, cute, and anyone with Good Ol' Southern pride will want to rip this top right off you. Bless their hearts. I haven't taken this lady off the bench for a test run yet but I bet it's a big hit at the bars. I can just hear the pickup lines now...I do declare!

Top it with some Sugar (sugar = accessories. see maiden blog post for explanation)
I live for accessories. I firmly believe the right accessories can take an outfit from drab to fab. Many people don't see the value in spending money on the 'sugar' but I can't tell you how many times someone has complimented an accessory that I was sporting. To me, an outfit without an accessory is like cake without the icing. GET OUT with that blasphemy! So do yourself a favor and go for sugar. Behold some adorable blue and gold earrings and a 'lacie' headband, which are all the rage right now.

As you can see from my personal photos and anecdotes, I'm not trying to blow smoke up your maxi - I truly want to spread the word about good finds and Jack & Monroe has my stamp of approval. I realize my stamp of approval probably means nothing to most people but for what it's worth, it's stamped and it's approved! I support good things, good people, and good causes and Mackenzie is all of these wrapped up in a hardworking, creative, loving wife, mother, and business woman. She's pretty much a super hero and has your back when it comes to fresh fashion. So give it a Google and check out Jack & Monroe. I hope you find a little sugar on your shopping adventures!

love and shoes,


The pretties mentioned above can be found here:

Ivory Floral Kimono:

Gray & Navy Blue Damask Maxi Dress:

Talk Southern To Me Baseball tee:

Blue & Gold Teardrop Earrings:

Lacies Headbands:

*Kimberly is a marketing manager and fashion-savvy blogger. She lives in Houston with her bearded beau and pup.*

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