6 Ways NOT To Wear Leggings.

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Fall. Let’s be honest it is my favorite. Pumpkin patches, apple cider, cooler temps and leggings. There are so many things I love about leggings; their slimming nature, the comfort factor, the way the waist stretches to hide the fact that you just downed half a pizza at lunch hiding under your chic tunic top.

But like anything there are rules. For your own good, I promise.

#1 Leggings are NOT pants.Please wear a top/tunic/dress long enough to cover your secret garden and you amazing backside. Don’t be a walking anatomy lesson.


#2 Buy quality leggings that are THICK. If they are see-through, they are tights and tights ARE NOT PANTS.


#3 Stay away from shiny sparkly metallic. Please no disco revivals. While there are probably some women (ok maybe like 2) out there that can rock high gloss leggings, they are alien freaks of nature and let’s just all assume we aren’t her. Too much shine can show lumps and create bulges where they don’t even exist.


#4 Either wear tight pants (leggings) or a tight top, not both. It’s a bit like the rule from one of the greatest fashion forward movies of its time, Clueless, show boobs or leg, not both. Because both is like “way harsh, Ty.”


#5 NO FLESH COLORED LEGGINGS. If your leggings get you kicked out of WALMART, you are doing it wrong. A moment of silence for the photo below.


#6 Life is NOT one big aerobics class. Mix it up. Limit your leggings, to a few times a week. You can always bust out your sweat pants if you need to. ;)


If all else fails, follow this easy chart from chanelwood.com:




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